• Q. Is the nursery registered with Ofsted?
  • A. Yes. Click here to view our latest ofsted rating.

  • Q. Do you teach the children?
  • A. Yes. Children learn best through play. We follow the EYFS standards of learning, development and care. We use these standards to form the basis of various fun activities for the children to learn and develop. Our environment is well equipped with various resources and well trained, qualified staff to enable the children to learn and play. We also have planned activities to prepare the children for their transition to ‘big school.’

  • Q. How many teachers do you have?
  • A. We adhere to the EYFS statutory staff – child ratio requirement. Therefore the number of teachers we have depends on the number of children registered and their ages.

  • Q. My child does not speak English, how will the staff and other children communicate with my child?
  • A. Children learn languages fast and the activities we do encourages them to learn to speak English for example Nursery rhymes, story telling, reading etc.

  • Q. Do you provide food for the children?
  • A. We provide a healthy morning snack and a healthy afternoon snack however, a packed lunch is required for children who are attending the nursery for a ‘long day.’

  • Q. My child does not eat, how will my child cope in this nursery?
  • A. During snack time, all the children sit together at a table to eat. This encourages all at the table to eat. Children who are shy will see their peers eating and this will encourage them to follow suit. We have had many parents who at registration worry that their child does not eat but after a few days or a week they report that their child is eating at home.

  • Q. Do you provide nappies?
  • A. No. We require you to provide your own nappies and wipes.

  • Q. My child is so attached to me, will my child settle and cope without me?
  • A. Yes. We have several strategies to help children settle in the nursery. These are described in our Settling in Policy. Click here to read more on how your child will settle in.

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